Simple interaction.  MacICT and I have started working with a teacher from Westport High.  We are using LAMS to create interactive learning sequences that allow students to engage with their environment.  The school has a wonderful rainforest that they want to share with the world.  They already have a fantastic wiki (Westport Rainforest Wiki) that records the number and type of species of plants and animals in the rainforest.

In just a few weeks of playing with LAMS the teacher Graham has created a sequence that takes digital images into the rainforest to help students correctly classify plants.  In the future we hope to work with this group on:

  • Teachers creating LAMS sequences using multi and interactive media to teach students in the rainforest
  • Engaging students in data analysis eg biodiversity in the field linked to our Local Ecostudy Project
  • Students designing interactive narratives that build a story around a physical environment
  • Using i-Apps to engage students in more effective collection of specimen data from their physical environment

How do you think we can use technology to engage students in interacting with different physical environments?