It can be difficult to come up with ideas that help the learner understand the ‘big idea’ you are trying to communicate with them.  One strategy that can help is to build a scenario or a story and then reveal the information as the story develops.  In this type of learning you ask the learner to put themselves into the shoes of a character who is trying to figure something out or practice a skill.

What does it look like?

Scenarios might follow a pattern like this:

  • Introduce the scene
  • Present some information (any media is appropriate)
  • Ask the learner to use the information in a real world sense
  • Check the learners understanding and provide feedback
  • Move the learner on to the next part of the story
  • Follow this process until the learner has worked through an ‘example’ of something from beginning to end

How will I know if the learner has been successful?

They make decisions that demonstrate they have understood the topic fully.

How do I get started?

Write a story using a storyboard or just bullet points on paper.  Make sure your story has a beginning, middle and end.