Go (Jónsi album)
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Music demands interaction.  It gives alot of itself and expects something back.  Last night I went to the Jonsi concert at the Enmore Theatre.  Jonsi is from Iceland and his music is pretty uplifting and intense.  Anyway it was a great performance with soft, beautiful vocals, crazy drums and lots of different instruments.

Throughout the performance I noticed how everyone was really doing whatever the performers asked.  We clapped, we stomped, we sung, we laughed, we thought, we learned and yelled and with only the floor and the performers to support us.

If I had to assess this performance I would say that it’s brilliance came from the silences, the confusion, the saturation, the surprises.  In learning design and using computers in general sometimes we can get very caught up in making sure every piece of information is available rather than a wholistic experience.


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