The students at Camden Haven have just created a rubric to support their design process.  This rubric is a remarkable thing for a group of Year 7’s to have produced. It includes concepts such as:

  • Giving effective feedback to groups on sequences
  • Creating a well organized mindmap of their information
  • Providing information that was in their own words and included a bibliography
  • Creating a sequence that addressed their key question fully
  • Was at a student level while still giving a challenge
  • Connects all the elements of the sequence
  • Is easy to read, uncomplicated and provides interesting information
  • Is colourful and has fun links to go on

I am so proud of them for coming up with this list, I think it shows that they are beginning to understand some relatively complex concepts of learning and teaching.  I think that the next difficulty the students will come up with is that it is hard to identify what is a fun link, what is effective feedback and what does a great example of all the elements being connected look like.  That is where teachers might use something like annotated work samples to help them work out what is excellent and what still needs more work.

This assessment website by Education Services Australia provides many examples of annotated worksamples.  Do you think it would be possible for our students to provide annotated work samples?  Would the students enjoy building a website that provides lots of examples of the types of interactions that students think show good thinking?

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