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There were a range of new technologies that we used during the process of this project. From LAMS and Edmodo to Freemind and video. However, LAMs and Edmodo were the 2 real ‘changers’ for us. Edmodo has introduced the openess of blogging into the ‘classroom’ resulting in 2 new groups being created for both my Year 11 classes that we have used to share information and questions while preparing for exams and to continue through until their HSC.

This is a practice that I intend to keep using in many ways but specifically I will be introducing blog-discussion groups for seniors. In the past ,we have used the traditional ‘read this and we’ll discuss this tomorrow’ technique to encourage student thought-processes but with this well-received blogging platform I am introducing a more responsive technique of read through and write up some of your thoughts and respond to others. My students have responded extremely positively to this platform – far more positively than others suggested, and the introduction of this written component with the freedom of a ‘blog’ I am will develop their understanding further.

The introduction of LAMs has, to me, resulted in a huge improvement in my students understanding of outcomes. I intend to introduce a LAMs session in each class I teach eventually to get this message across, in addition to developing LAMs programs myself to use in all classes. In fact I think an earlier inclusion of this, eg Yrs 9 or 10 would be benficial in teaching students how to process their thoughts and create more effective responses to outcomes.

It was interesting to see the development of student attitudes to these programs – many at first were quite resistant to their introduction, by the end of the project all but 2 or 3 say they found the experience extremely beneficial to their understanding of the topic AND, more importantly, responding fully to outcomes.

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