Project Objective: Evaluate innovative applications of virtual worlds in education, focusing on supporting teachers to develop curriculum centred student design and construction activities. Teachers on our project have now completed two comprehensive days of professional learning in the following areas:

    • implementation of Cyber Citizenship guidelines;
    • in-world classroom management;
    • OpenSim software training;
    • application of Edmodo for reflective practice and
    • programming and assessment aligned with Stage 5 learning outcomes.

Professional Teaching Standards addressed: 1.24, 3.25, 4.24, 6.21, 6.24, 6.28 and 7.21

Some interesting teacher evaluations from workshops: “Extensive information was presented and many ideas discussed. Groundwork for project was well established.” “…learnt a lot about supporting software, programming and teaching strategies.” “It met my needs in unexpected ways such as consolidating other aspects of teaching which is not about learning a new technology such as brainstorming a new criteria for assessment of a non-typical project.” “All items for the day was achieved in a positive, enlightening and collegial environment.”

What is next? Our teachers are now ready to implement this technology in their classroom. Student training workshops will begin this week with teachers facilitating in Trinity, our virtual world.