The teachers at MacICT love it when we have students and teachers visit.  In the past students have visited the centre and created amazing digital works including:

  • Choose your own adventure stories
  • Creating digital films
  • Design e-learning activities to share
  • Designing games
  • Creating podcasts and audio
  • Utilising robots
  • Collaborating and sharing online
  • and… using pretty much any exciting technology you can think of.

Usually we like to work with the teacher to plan an activity that is an extension of the curriculum they are working on in the classroom.  It could be taking the book the students are reading and turning it into a choose your own adventure story, game or outdoor mobile learning experience.  Or it could be using social networking tools, mobile devices and Web2.0 tools to complete scientific investigations.

If you’re interested in planning an excursion that explores quality teaching framework elements such as connectedness, problematic knowledge and higher order thinking then we would love to get in touch and talk about how we can work together.