Mosman High School our VC Champions

The video conferences will be hosted by students from Mosman High School who are also gaining experience by using video conferencing as part of the assessment for the Year 10 ‘Beyond Visible’ Physics and Maths course.   Although it is just the beginning of the year the teachers and students are working hard to understand the benefits and challenges of using the Connected Classroom as a communication tool.  Talk about an innovative school!!!

This week the students from Mosman speak with Professor Bei Lok Hu about Quantum Field Theory in Curved Space Time – WOW! Book for this VC on MyPL@DET with the course code DV00999 or click here.

Run Your Own Physics Video Conference

As part of this project we will also be encouraging your students to collaborate online, organise VCs and speak with experts.  You will be provided with support in organising and promoting your video conference and you may even have the opportunity to host a visiting guest one day.

If you would like to receive regular updates on this exciting project please email me concetta.gotlieb @DET…

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