2011 @ Macquarie ICT Innovations Centre has started with a bang! Professor Jason Twamley from Macquarie University coordinated a rare opportunity for Stage 5 and 6 Maths and Physics students and teachers to hear Sir Anthony Leggett, Nobel Laureate, speak about his work and interests in physics. Grade 10 students from Mosman High School, facilitated a video conference (VC) using the Connected Classroom.  These students from Mosman are part of a special program called Beyond Visible that is focused on new and emerging science including; nano-technology, quantum physics and astronomy.  Part of their assessment is that the students run a video conference demonstrating their understanding of these interesting aspects of scientific discovery.

The Mosman students’ experience with using the Connected Classroom ensured they provided a professional and comfortable tone for the VC.  They made Professor Leggett feel welcome, had prepared questions and facilitated the other schools asking questions.  He mostly discussed superfluids, as well as helium3, which at very low temperatures behaves very different to other matter. In fact it can even climb walls!  Students from Penrith High School were particularly interested in the science of superfluids. If you have questions about the science of Superfluids then please leave a comment on this blog and we will ask both Professors to answer them.

Professor Leggett also discussed becoming involved in science as a career.  He was very encouraging to the students and highlighted the fact that you should follow your own instincts, as he discusses in the video below.

Students asked Professor Leggett what areas of science he thought would be important in the future.  His personal opinion was that of neuroscience and the way we understand time as important areas of scientific discovery in the near future.

We look forward to working with the university on similar opportunities in the future.

What science is most interesting to YOU at the moment?  Leave a comment to share with the students from Mosman High School, Professor Jason Twamley and the staff at Macquarie ICT Innovations Centre.