Welcome to the Schools Exploring Environments (SEE) project.

The online course supports middle-years classes seeking to identify and build environmental awareness about the factors affecting the biodiversity of their local natural environment. Schools can work individually on their own project or collaboratively whereby high school students mentor primary school partners in the shared responsibility of caring for their local ecosystem.

Schools can access a LAMS sequence that allows the teacher to confidently plan collaborative student centred learning experiences utilising research, questions, forums, voting, data collection and group decision making processes. In the field, students engage with locally accessible technologies such as laptops, digital cameras and data loggers to conduct field investigations.

NSW Department of Education Outcomes

SEE Online Outcomes Stage 3 SEE Online Outcomes Stage 4-5

LAMS Sequence: MacICT – Schools Exploring Environments(SEE)
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To view the sequence as a learner (student) use the Preview function.

By setting up an account and using the Open in LessonLAMS function a teacher can access the sequence and modify content to suit local learning resources and outcomes.

LessonLams Benefits
LessonLAMS enables MacICT to deliver a previously designed LAMS sequence about biodiversity to schools in remote locations with limited background in learning design. It simplifies the online lesson design task and administrative process for teachers, provides new users of LAMS with easy access to well-designed scaffolds and allows users to customise these sequences to suit the local needs of the classroom. Teachers are able to use, reuse and share their sequences as well as their teaching ideas with other teachers with a shared interest in local biodiversity issues.

For more information please use the comment box below to contact Debbie Evans (Centre Director) or Neil Bramsen (Course Designer) at the Macquarie ICT Innovations Centre, a partnership between Macquarie University and the NSW Department of Education, NSW, Australia. The centre can be reached on 02 9850 4310.