To take the learning experience to a more rigorous level, students will engage in workshops with a prominent Australian architect/artist involved in the Australian Institute of Architects: NOW+WHEN 2050 project, Richard Goodwin.

He will guide the students through the design process and incorporate their appreciation of architecture, foundation knowledge and creative solution making into an approach that will establish a clear evolutionary path for their final design.  Students will need to deliver a concept that delivers on all aspects of the design brief.

Richard Goodwin will challenge the class on the architectural dictum: FORM FOLLOWS FUNCTION and then test the applicability to their own design ideas.

Sustainability in architecture is a core concern of the industry. To add an additional layer of difficulty to the problem solving involved in the task, students will be required to research the issues around sustainability and explore ways to incorporate these functions in their building design while retaining strong aesthetic values.

Good, effective communication is paramount not only for the success of a project but also for making it a positive experience. This project reinforces the need for reflection on practice, self and peer evaluation. Ideas can be shared not only in a spoken form but also in a written form.

Students working in teams of two will communicate to each other and teachers through the chat facility in Trinity, but also through the class Edmodo site where students will record their thoughts and exchange images.

A journal of each student’s journey will document the learning process. An additional dimension to real world and virtual world communication is cyber communication where our students will engage with students from Year 10, Millenium High in New York.