Operation Innovate challenges teachers and students K-12 from all KLAs to attempt one or more ‘missions’ to integrate technology in their classroom in creative ways.  ‘Operation Innovate’ is a great way to extend teachers knowledge of quality teaching and technology integration within a flexible, supportive community-based professional learning environment.

The project gives teachers the opportunity to mix and match technology, pedagogy and content in a way that will support the achievement of learning outcomes for their students.  The project has a focus on students as creative producers with their learning supported by various technologies including blogs, wikis, Edmodo and Learning Activity Management systems (LAMS).

Students and teachers work together to complete a mission which will ask them to either design a community of enquiry, participative narrative or online learning resource.

The project encourages teachers to design their own professional learning sequence of activities, to total 10hrs, from four available modules.  These modules are designed to be supportive of teachers own learning whilst focusing on their students as creative producers of learning for others.  The modules include professional learning workshops, video conferences, in-class practice and personal reflection and work sample analysis.

Workshops include topics such as wikis, blogs and social networking tools but may also include opportunities for sharing such as showcase days.  By the end of the project teachers will receive accreditation for their participation in the project.