Students from Mosman High School successfully facilitate another academic expert.  These students facilitated the sharing of students as VC producers skills as well as a quality dialogue in the area of physics.  Congratulations to Mosman High School, particularly to Peta, Jess, Max, Rex and Maggie Dendy their teacher.

Professor Bei-Lok Hu received his PhD in theorectical physics from Princeton University in 1972 under the late Professor John A Wheeler.  Professor Hu’s research in the 70s was on quantum field theory in curved space-time.  Quantum field theory explains how fundamental particles such as photons and electrons behave and interact.  It is the foundation for all predictions on high energy experiments like those performed in particle accelerators such as the LHC.

Professor Hu spoke with a group of 11 Senior Physics classes firstly delivering a ‘History of the Universe in 10mins’ and then answering the students questions.  The students asked their questions in Edmodo prior to and during the conference.  The questions were of a very high standard and included such topics as black holes, time travel, parallel universes, string theory and gravitational waves.

Watch the video below for a taste of what Professor Bei Lok Hu offered.  This VC is part of a series of VCs encouraging students to be part of a community of aspiring physicist accessing academics and skilled peers to encourage this very important area of study.


parallel universes from MacICT on Vimeo.

Feedback from the schools was very positive eg ‘Thank you very much for an informative session.  Many of the students have stayed behind after school to listen to the discussion.’  ‘Thank you, an inspiring, if mind-blowing, experience for our students.

Image via Flickr.  NASA Space Marshall Flight Centre

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