This project has several inherent advantages applicable to extending students as delineated in New South Wales Quality Teaching & Learning Framework.

The MacICT Virtual World known as Trinity, is a wide open space situated on an island and surrounded by smaller islands. It is therefore a blank slate…a new territory for young minds to explore and be the first to create their own world.

A unique space without preconceived structures to influence or sway the design outcome.

Students are working from a brief that requires investigation of the Australian Institute of Architects Now + When exhibition at the 2010 Venice Biennale. What type of cities will we have in 2050?

The fact that no one knows, allows architects to explore a wide variety of themes.

Dulwich High School of Visual Arts and Design students must first explore the themes used in the Now +When Project and select one to base their project on.

The task requires them to explore the theme through brainstorming and research. The selection of a particular theme dictates the “world” their building will inhabit and the “look” of the final design.

The students will not only base their designs on contemporary practice and futuristic musings, but have an appreciation of the foundations to building and architecture through the exploration of architectural forms in history – such as post & lintel, columns, arches, barrel vaults and domes.

Key architects and styles will also be surveyed and the philosophy behind them introduced.