Students from Dulwich High School of Visual Arts and Design have been using Edmodo to reflect and evaluate their design work in Trinity.

Here are some of their thoughts.

Jason: “A tale of two cities” was our theme. We interpreted it by making two separate buildings that creates a balance between the workspace and recreation space. Both are sustainable for the year 2050, They both are predominantly white which reflects the suns rays which have increased due to global warming. Our buildings are both different but share a similar factor.

My concept for my building is about blood, DNA and the nature of the human bodies. The massive red blood cell on the top is an international signal system, in case any accidents happen, it will flash and warn the whole city e.g. terrorist attack. The red and black adds warmth, calmer and relaxation to our mood once we are in the atmosphere and the black also acts as a nature heater. There is the analogy of a white blood cell. It protects the people by reflecting harmful radiations and acts like a shell towards the building. The building includes many aspects of plants. The main structure is very clean and metallic at the moment. Through time different generations will experience changes within the building. In 2100, plants creating a mountain will cover the whole building. It brings us back to the idea of monkey/ape feel again, but inside it is all technology. The purpose of building is to bring humanity back, to create peace within each other and have balance and be happy with your surroundings. It shows the other individualities and a place where art can be used in every way. People will feel very satisfied and it is a place that money does not matter anymore, paper do not last. Together our building will be like the Ying Yang and will be the most balanced city lifestyle by 2100 – once it finishes growing.

Paolo: My building is also sustainable because it uses a device at the top that intakes clouds directly from the atmosphere, which will negate the need for damming rivers. Negation of parking areas and the nearby living areas will cut down on driving as to get into a building a system of jet lifts now move people around. The building is to function as office spaces, providing fourteen floors dedicated to offices, one on the bottom for food court and eating area and second down from the cloud sucker that is a conference room. The transportation system has been reduced to jet lifts for a faster way to get to and from work. It serves a purpose of producing office space, the interior of which is completely white to emphasis cold hard working areas to add to the feel of the workspace. The cloud sucker also provides an easy to get water supply for the city as there would be many of these that also make sure that there would be less rainy days and more frequent clear skies, though the offices still have on window to keep with the feel. People would interact in the space by working very close to where they live and work in sterile environment, this would result in a more immersive leisure time. If I had a chance to do this again in Trinity, but with what ever I wanted, I would build an open environment that multiple avatars could interact in.