A huge congratulations to the clever students at Mimosa Public School. They are on their way to becoming the digital animators of the future.

Year 5 students in this challenge were asked to communicate information about the Antarctic Food Chain using animation. They used the advanced features of SMART Notebook animation. For example:

  • Recording movements on screen without capturing the mouse
  • Producing a number of automated effects using object animation
  • Playing with a mixture of movements and automated effects
  • Creating either an interactive demonstration or recording the demonstration as a movie and adding a voiceover

Students in this challenge used TropFest winner Damon Gameau’s Animal Beatbox animation as inspiration and the spirit of DIY design using SMART Notebook. The students recorded a soundtrack using GarageBand and created an animation using SMART Notebook and put these together using software Premiere Elements. They also created original lyrics for their songs and recorded them using Audacity.

All this was done in less than 6 hours total, imagine what they could do in the 4 days that Damon took to create his video.

predators from MacICT on Vimeo.