Year 9 students from Balgowlah Boys’ Campus have recently completed two comprehensive training days at MacICT using OpenSim. Activities included avatar creation, building alignment, inventory management, form manipulation and design.

Students use Edmodo to critically reflect what they have learnt. The following is a reflection by a Year 9 student on one of the training activities.

“Today I have been making and designing my tower. My tower is a tall structure with a large glowing semicircular base which I have tinted blue, above that I have incorporated a modified cone that has been vertically flattened and its vertex, above that I have created a upside down ring cone that holds the top of the modified cone and also a spiral staircase that leads up to a twisted pyramid roof. Also surrounding my tower are four glowing spheres that are all aligned with my tower, from this I have learnt how to modify my shapes and align my blocks to the exact pixel.” Joshua