Do you enjoy playing games? Are you interested in how games are created?

Why not have a go at playtesting a game?

As part of MacICT’s Game Design bootcamps for students and workshops for teachers, we aim to shift people’s thinking from viewing themselves as a player to a designer. One of the activities participants complete in our workshops is a review of a game using a designer’s scoreboard (rubric). This scoreboard provides participants with criteria which addresses the basic principles of good game design to evaluate games. Playtesting a real game, provides an authentic context for learning and gives students the opportunity to participate in the development of that game. Through our collaboration with Bubble Gum Interactive, we are able to offer students an authentic opportunity to be a playtester for a real game, Little Space Heroes. While there are opportunities around for people to be play testers, through this collaboration, we can provide scaffolding and support to help make this experience more constructive. Little Space Heroes provides a safe, moderated environment primarily for children aged between 6 and 12 years. Having access to the type of feedback provided by students will assist MacICT to design more effective experiences within our workshops and projects.

So, you want to test games?

You can become a playtester and provide feedback, suggestions and log bugs and glitches when you play Little Space Heroes, a free virtual universe for kids. This brand new Australian game is currently in beta development and Bubble Gum Interactive are collaborating with the Game Design team at Macquarie ICT Innovations Centre to get ideas and input directly from kids just like you! Beta development means the game isn’t finished yet, and by playing the game and sending in your feedback, you will help with the development of the game. All you need to do is to report on any bugs you find or make suggestions on how the game could be improved.

In Little Space Heroes, you get to create your own hero and blast off on an intergalactic adventure. This online, interactive multiplayer game features character personalisation, pets, quests and missions and the opportunity to play with kids from all around the world. Mums and dads will be pleased to know that the game is rated E for Everyone and has the Seal of Approval from Family Friendly Video Games. The game features filtered chat to prevent inappropriate language and a team of specialist moderators make sure all heroes enjoy themselves in an environment that is safe, fun and inclusive.

So, if you want an opportunity to see what it is like to be a game tester or a game reviewer have a go at testing Little Space Heroes. If you have completed any of MacICT’s Level Up! Game Design bootcamps, you might like to use the Designer Scoreboard to help you review the game. If you have lost yours, you can download another copy from the resource folder in your Edmodo bootcamp group.

To take part, simply go to click on the boy, girl or alien hero and follow the steps to create a free account. Your parents will need to give permission for you to play. Then you can play the game and, when you are ready, click on the feedback tab on the right hand side.

IMPORTANT: When writing your feedback, please include the word: macict at the beginning of your feedback.

If you want some direction when playtesting Little Space Heroes, you can download Ace and Kira’s Instruction Letter for Kids to help you on your way.

Find out more about Little Space Heroes at Information for parents is provided at