Mobile technologies, mobile mentors, mobile learners.

On Friday 9th December 2011 students from Cherrybrook Technology High and their teacher, Ms Howard, presented their mobile learning project to an International audience.

The students used LAMS software to design technology dynamic, science and environmental lessons for their peers and for mentoring primary aged students. They were the second keynote speakers at the conference and conducted a workshop at the conclusion of their presentation which was attended by many interested overseas participants.

They demonstrated that when students are given the ability to design inquiry based fieldwork learning activities utilizing mobile technologies they are capable of achieving a deep understanding of the syllabus content as shown by assessment results.

The elements of the mobile learning activities that contribute most strongly to students’ learning were the ability to choose their own technologies and the role of being mentors for primary students as they work collaboratively to conduct fieldwork. Students were intrinsically motivated by the teaching and mentoring aspects of the project.

Locating learning outside using mobile devices resulted in an observable transfer of students’ learning from the classroom to the real-world.

The high school students, as designers of mobile activities, showed that they are capable of translating the syllabus content into a truly engaging contemporary learning environment.