At MacICT we believe that learning how to use technology is not enough; the heart of 21st century learning is about becoming a proficient and independent lifelong learner. Our activities promote this through an inquiry-based approach to learning where students are encouraged to collaborate and be creative in solving open ended challenges, problems and questions.

Our knowledge is a consequence of our experiences.
Through our activities MacICT aims:

  • to promote innovation
  • to enhance teaching and learning
  • to pursue an innovative research agenda

One of the core ways we achieve this is through Project Based Learning (PBL). PBL is a teaching and learning model which creates the need to know critical content and is based on authentic learning activities. PBL starts with a driving question, problem or challenge – a good one is absolutely key to arousing curiosity, engaging and empowering students. PBL projects allow students to work more autonomously (usually in groups) to construct their own learning, and culminates in realistic, student created products that are showcased to a broad audience. Students need access to appropriate materials, have sufficient time and a supportive culture.