Those of you who attended MacICT’s Game On festival in October last year may remember the futuristic high speed racing game, Alternator that was a part of the Indie Games Showcase. In an outstanding achievement, Alternator has been nominated as a finalist in the Creative Arts Category in the WWF Earth Hour Awards. Each year, the WWF Earth Hour Awards celebrate the outstanding efforts of businesses, school and individuals to create a more sustainable future.

Alternator the game aims to inspire players to take a deeper interest in the world of clean and renewable energy by highlighting the incredible inventions that exist right now. Players research and invent new technologies to modify their cars, before they dash across a future Australian landscape to be the fastest race driver and change their world for the better.

This is a game where players take on the harsh impacts of encroaching climate change and the fossil fuel industry by learning about alternative energy inventions. As Alternators, they race to prove the power of their inventions and demonstrate their skills and daring as drivers.

If you haven’t already done so, play Alternator now. You may even think about using Alternator as part of a game based learning unit on the theme of sustainability.

If you like what you see, why not vote for them in the People’s Choice Awards. Hurry, you have until midnight March 29!