Are you a teacher who understands the benefits of learning with games? Are you interested in being involved in the development of a serious game?

The creators of the game Alternator have asked us if we can help them locate teachers who would be interested in being part of an advisory group for version 2 of their racing game, Alternator. Alternator is a serious game based on environmental issues and energy sustainability. Players research and invent new technologies to modify their cars, before they dash across a future Australian landscape to be the fastest race driver and change their world for the better. Players take on the harsh impacts of encroaching climate change and the fossil fuel industry by learning about alternative energy inventions. As Alternators, they race to prove the power of their inventions and demonstrate their skills and daring as drivers.

The creators are about to embark on version 2 of the game and are seeking advice from a small group of both primary and secondary teachers  who can help with linking the new game to curriculum. We are seeking teachers who would be available to meet with the creators after work on a few occasions in Sydney. In particular, we are seeking Science, English and HSIE high school teachers (Stage 4 and 5) and primary school teachers with a deep understanding of Stage 2 – 3 Science, English and HSIE.

If you are interested, please send us an email at with your name and contact details and a brief description of why you are interested in being a part of the advisory group.