“If people don’t really learn how to learn and how to engage, and how to be flexible and adaptive, how to find communities and have ideas about things that they want to do now, we’re just really in trouble”

Professor Katie Salen

The speakers in this video challenge educators to change their core question from what are the goals, content, material we want to cover as teachers to what is the learning experience we want the student to have. With this question, teachers need to pay attention to the student and start designing learning around creating a powerful need to know so we can assist students to become curious, engaged citizens.

Learning is part of the fabric of our interactions with everybody … how can we use the capacity of the network resources, social connections to bring people together who want to learn together …

‘Connected learning: The Experience of Education Reimagined’ is worth taking time to listen to it.



To really understand what connected learning is, teachers need to become connected educators. If you want to know more about becoming a connected educator, read Edutopia’s Ten Tips for Becoming a Connected Educator


Connected Learning