Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire. –William Butler Yeats

Robotics provides a highly engaging medium for creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and communication, four essential skills for learning and ICT within a curriculum context. In 2012 MacICT is partnering with LEGO Education Australia to offer schools three brand new Introduction to Robotics Bootcamps and Masterclasses suitable for students from stages 3-6, using the LEGO NXT robot. We have also been working closely with personnel from Macquarie University’s Department of Electronic Engineering on the design of these bootcamps.

Our pool of expert facilitators is growing with LEGO Education flying in an expert from Hobart to run the Advanced Bootcamps for students and our LEGO NXT Professional Learning workshops for teachers.

In addition to our LEGO NXT Bootcamps, we are offering Bee-Bot and Pro-Bot Robotics Bootcamps for students in Kindergarten to Year 4. Professional Learning Bee-Bot and Pro-Bot Robotics in the Classroom workshops will also be available throughout the year.

“These boot camps are brilliant . . .I would happily bring students to attend either of these activities in the future.”

Frances (teacher at recent robotics bootcamp)

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