A couple of weeks ago, a group of Year 4 and 5 students from NSW rural and remote schools visited MacICT for the day as part of the NSW Country Areas Program (CAP). The purpose of the day was for students to create a GeoQuest using Google Maps. Working with Anne Maree Moore, Country Areas Program Consultant for the Northern Riverina Area, we came up with a scaffold to turn the GeoQuest into a game.

The following is a brief outline of the day:

  • The teacher generated an Edmodo group code to use in GeoQuest
  • Discuss how they like to learn?
  • Decide on learning outcomes of GeoQuest – identify a clear goal – use Popplet
  • Students divided into groups to create quests related to the different legs of their trip from the country to the city

In groups, student’s:

  • Create backstory for their quest
  • Design challenges – answer gives one part of Edmodo group code
  • Divide Map
  • Work in pairs
  • Build Map
  • Create a badge

The groups created their maps using the one Gmail account. They exported as a KML file and then could be iported into one map.