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2012 Pearson Global Research Conference – Fremantle, WA

On 27-28 January, the inaugural 2012 Pearson Global Research Conference was held in Fremantle, Western Australia. The theme for this year’s conference was: The Role of Technology and Assessment in System-Wide Improvement. The aim of the conference was to share research, recommendations, and success stories on how technological innovation moves from small scale experimentation to deployment at system level. Macquarie ICT Innovations Centre was represented at this conference by Centre Director, Debbie Evans, who was invited to speak about ‘Innovation, Technology and Assessment.’ This presentation provided examples of successful innovative learning design projects at MacICT that support teachers and...

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How cool is your school? It’s all in the design.

Did you know that optimal learning occurs at 18 degrees? Any warmer and your learners start snoozing, any cooler and the shivering gets distracting. How cool is your classroom? On Thursday 17th March, Stephen Heppell delivered an inspirational keynote about Playing with Learning Spaces at Macquarie ICT Innovations Centre. The centre had the privilege of utilising a brand new theatre, the Forum, at Macquarie University, right next door to our Centre. The Forum has only been open for a few weeks. And admittedly it wasn’t quite finished. The air-conditioning was not operational. That’s why we now know that 18 degrees is the best temperature...

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Top 10 qualities of an innovative teacher

This week, Cathie Howe, project leader for MacICT’s Game Design team and one of our leading innovators is off to Thailand! Late last year, Cathie was awarded the NSW winner of the Australian 2010 Microsoft Innovative Teachers Award and as part of her responsibility as an award winner she has just attended the Microsoft Asia Pacific Innovative Education Forum in Phuket. We are extremely proud and grateful of the work she has done in the Game Design project, and with students and their teachers across many schools in NSW. Cathie is truly an innovative teacher from Cromer Public School...

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