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Transmedia Storytelling Pilot: Liverpool Girls High School

Liverpool Girls High School is a vibrant, multicultural girls high school located in the south-western suburbs of Sydney with over 87% of the students coming from a language background other than English. The school community is committed to working together and achieving excellence through high standards. Transmedia Storytelling Pilot was a collaborative project between Liverpool Girls High School and Macquarie ICT Innovations Centre. The aim of this project was to investigate how Transmedia Storytelling can be used to provide new ways for students to engage with the study of picture books, to develop literacy and ICT skills and to...

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3D Virtual Worlds Challenge

Year 9 students from Balgowlah Boys’ Campus have recently completed two comprehensive training days at MacICT using OpenSim. Activities included avatar creation, building alignment, inventory management, form manipulation and design. Students use Edmodo to critically reflect what they have learnt. The following is a reflection by a Year 9 student on one of the training activities. “Today I have been making and designing my tower. My tower is a tall structure with a large glowing semicircular base which I have tinted blue, above that I have incorporated a modified cone that has been vertically flattened and its vertex, above that I have created a...

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MacICT 3D Virtual Worlds: WHEN2050

Year 10 students from Dulwich High School of Visual Arts and Design have developed architectural prototypes for Australian cities in a 3D multi-user virtual environment (Opensimulator) that incorporate ideas that lead to sustainability, aesthetic appeal and functionality. These students have explored designs that addresses perceived needs of the future in regards to communication, energy, food, housing, recreation and transport.   MacICT3D Virtual Worlds: WHEN2050 MacICT 3D Virtual Worlds: WHEN2050 from Macquarie ICT Innovations Centre...

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3D Virtual Worlds for other subjects: A student’s perspective

Jason, a Year 10 Visual Arts student from Dulwich High School of Visual Arts and Design wrote recently in Edmodo, how he sees 3D Virtual Worlds could be used in other subjects. There are so many ways in which the virtual world could be used! Apart from Visual Arts, it could be used for Science, History, Geography or even Maths…maybe English. I think the virtual world is great for bringing out our visions in 3D and gives us a closer connection to the object than a drawing on a piece of paper. For Science, I always find it hard...

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Teacher Reflections: Future Directions

Peter Wootten, Senior Visual Arts teacher from Dulwich High School of Visual Arts and Design writes about how 3D Virtual Worlds can be integrated in all Key Learning Areas (KLAs) and the impact this has made on his Year 10 class. I have written in past blogs about the WHEN2050 project in respect to how my year 10 visual arts students engaged with the ramifications of using digital technology, designing in a 3-D space/virtual world and documenting the process in a text format within Edmodo. So, I can appreciate that teachers/educators across Key Learning Areas and working with students of...

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WHEN2050: Teacher’s Final Reflection

Peter Wootten, Senior Visual Arts Teacher from Dulwich High School of Visual Arts and Design reflects on the WHEN2050: 3D Virtual Worlds Project. “When 2050” is the second stage of Dulwich High School of Visual Arts and Design student’s deployment in a virtual world, Trinity. Student involvement in When2050 was born out of the success of the students’ first foray into virtual world experience in the Trinity project 2010. There was clearly an awareness of students being extended in their development and refinement of digital skills and conceptual thinking practices that begged the exciting question of where could this experience...

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A Tale of Two Cities: The Ying and Yang

Students from Dulwich High School of Visual Arts and Design have been using Edmodo to reflect and evaluate their design work in Trinity. Here are some of their thoughts. Jason: “A tale of two cities” was our theme. We interpreted it by making two separate buildings that creates a balance between the workspace and recreation space. Both are sustainable for the year 2050, They both are predominantly white which reflects the suns rays which have increased due to global warming. Our buildings are both different but share a similar factor. My concept for my building is about blood, DNA and the nature...

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Concept Development: “A Tale of Two Cities”

Students from Dulwich High School of Visual Arts and Design were asked to write a report on how historical and/or contemporary architectural design informs their design choices in the virtual world. The example below by Jason (Year 10), illustrates the depth of thinking and understanding that students are engaging in for this task. “This is my process so far. I started researching information on human behaviour, before working on my idea for “A Tale of Two Cities”. I was also fascinated with the behaviour of animals and insects and I have found in many ways, we are not so different. Research...

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3D Virtual Worlds: Quality Professional Learning

Project Objective: Evaluate innovative applications of virtual worlds in education, focusing on supporting teachers to develop curriculum centred student design and construction activities. Teachers on our project have now completed two comprehensive days of professional learning in the following areas: implementation of Cyber Citizenship guidelines; in-world classroom management; OpenSim software training; application of Edmodo for reflective practice and programming and assessment aligned with Stage 5 learning outcomes. Professional Teaching Standards addressed: 1.24, 3.25, 4.24, 6.21, 6.24, 6.28 and 7.21 Some interesting teacher evaluations from workshops: “Extensive information was presented and many ideas discussed. Groundwork for project was well established.” “…learnt a...

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3D Virtual Worlds: Design-Collaborate-Reflect

Virtual worlds offer opportunities for students to be innovative and creative within a safe and supportive environment. Students have fun while they explore, collaborate, design and evaluate. The 3D Virtual Worlds Project focuses on the NSW Quality Teaching Framework elements of higher order thinking, engagement, connectedness, inclusivity and problematic knowledge. The project aims to: provide a cyber-safe supportive virtual environment for students to learn through design and construction; encourage and support teachers to develop a unit of work through an understanding of virtual worlds; involve teachers and students in reflective practice and develop teachers’ skills Evidence from our research show that...

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