Author: Peter Wootten

Reflections on WHEN2050

This project has advantages for all stakeholders. For my students there is the excitement of creating in a virtual world (Trinity) using OpenSim. The process involves developing their concepts, researching how architects approach the design process, incorporating sustainable design features and working to a theme set within Sydney circa 2050 provides a rich and deep field for exploration. As their teacher I am excited about the possibilities of what they can deliver, given the extraordinary power that OpenSim provides students in realising ideas/concepts within a space replicating their real world, yet safe from the intrusion and restrictions that occur...

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Concept Realisation: Ignite Your Imagination

Virtual Worlds are digital tools for realising concepts. The sophistication of those concepts can be limited by inadequate skills. As this is our second opportunity in the virtual world it provides a rich opportunity to challenge students to use the liberating energy of technology that delivers a limitless array of options for the imaginative mind to explore. Students completing this project will have been immersed in a new way of learning, not only in the digital skills it provides but being able to visualize in a 3-D format. Given the growing prominence of 3-D forms in communication, students have...

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Mentor: Richard Goodwin

To take the learning experience to a more rigorous level, students will engage in workshops with a prominent Australian architect/artist involved in the Australian Institute of Architects: NOW+WHEN 2050 project, Richard Goodwin. He will guide the students through the design process and incorporate their appreciation of architecture, foundation knowledge and creative solution making into an approach that will establish a clear evolutionary path for their final design.  Students will need to deliver a concept that delivers on all aspects of the design brief. Richard Goodwin will challenge the class on the architectural dictum: FORM FOLLOWS FUNCTION and then test...

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WHEN2050: Sustainable Designs for the Future

This project has several inherent advantages applicable to extending students as delineated in New South Wales Quality Teaching & Learning Framework. The MacICT Virtual World known as Trinity, is a wide open space situated on an island and surrounded by smaller islands. It is therefore a blank slate…a new territory for young minds to explore and be the first to create their own world. A unique space without preconceived structures to influence or sway the design outcome. Students are working from a brief that requires investigation of the Australian Institute of Architects Now + When exhibition at the 2010...

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