Student 'Boot Camp' Excursions

Book your class in for a full day workshop and join us here at Macquarie University. Our Boot Camps encourage students to collaborate, co-construct knowledge and be creative. Contact us to book in now!

Fun Challenges

The guided and open ended challenges and design briefs provide an opportunity for students to design and build solutions as well as developing a range of thinking skills including systems thinking, computational thinking and design thinking.


Our facilitators draw from a range of contemporary inquiry led pedagogical approaches in the design and delivery of the student boot camps. Activities are mapped to cross curricular learning outcomes from the NSW syllabuses.


A range of current and emerging technologies are employed in our boot camps to enable 21st century learning. Students have the opportunity to develop skills in technology use through the process of designing and building solutions.

MacICT 2017

We have received official communication from the NSW Department of Education and Macquarie University regarding MacICT’s future. Please click below to read the letter.

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Our Boot Camps

MacICT runs a variety of student excursions in the form of ‘boot camps’. These boot camps are always aligned to professional learning courses MacICT have developed and provide a context for inquiry and discovery, leading students to become active problem solvers and engage in their own learning. Boot camps allow classroom teachers the opportunity to observe workshops run by MacICT experts modelling an effective pedagogical approach, and building a classroom teacher’s capacity to implement projects back in their school contexts. They also provide an opportunity for school students to visit a university campus, potentially breaking down barriers to them furthering their education.

Most importantly, they provide MacICT developers practical experiences directly related to the content of courses they develop. Developers are able to explore pedagogical approaches, implement lesson ideas and experiment with use and management of the technology with large class groups. It provides our facilitators with an evidence base to support recommendations given in the professional learning courses they deliver.

MacICT operates on the NSW School Term calendar. Some workshops are only available on certain weekdays, check the flyers for more information.

Our workshops are delivered at our Centre in Macquarie University, North Ryde, NSW.

Boot Camp excursions usually run from 9am-2:30pm. If you need to adjust this because of travel time please let us know.

There is a flat rate for each class depending on the number of students. See the flyers for more information. DoE schools will be direct debited by the NSW DoE. Non-DoE schools will be invoiced after the event based on final student numbers. Note: cancellations made within 2 days of the event will incur a $200 cancellation fee.

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Robotics Boot Camps: WeDo

Featuring the LEGO WeDo for K-3
Robotics provides a highly engaging medium for creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and communication, four essential skills for learning and ICT within a curriculum context.

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Game Design Boot Camps

Suitable for School Years 3-12.
Game design offers students a unique platform to address essential skills for learning. This Boot Camp is aimed to introduce students to ‘Good Game Design’ principles through activities that shift students’ thinking from that of a player to a designer.

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3D Printing Boot Camps

Suitable for School Years 7-10.
Designing and creating your own 3D object is deeply satisfying and 3D printing is the ultimate constructivist learning activity! It’s also highly motivational and increasingly accessible from the classroom.

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Maker C.R.E.A.T.E Boot Camp

Suitable for School Years 1-10.
Re-discover the art of ‘learning by making’ and empower your students to tinker, design and make things using recycled materials and consumer electronics.

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Robotics Boot Camps: Mindstorms

Featuring the LEGO Mindstorms for School Years 3-12.
Robotics provides a highly engaging medium for creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and communication, four essential skills for learning and ICT within a curriculum context.

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Coding Boot Camps

Suitable for School Years 3-6.
Through this introductory boot camp, students will explore coding through a range of free software platforms – from tablet apps to desktop visual programming languages.

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Game Development with Unity 3D Boot Camps

Suitable for School Years 9-12.
Ever wanted to learn how to use a professional game engine? Unity ( is a powerful, easy to learn game engine that is very flexible and well supported. Unity supports almost every platform and has a huge number of games made with it.

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