3D Printing Boot Camps

For Year 7 to Year 10 students

Students will design their own 3D object and use a 3D printer to create it!

Teachers from any NSW school can book these full day excursions to MacICT. Our boot camps give students the opportunity to have the time, space and purpose to tinker. They provide a context for inquiry and discovery, leading students to become active problem solvers and engage in their own learning. These are critical practices for learning and discovery that have application across all curriculum areas.

Designing and creating your own 3D object is deeply satisfying and 3D printing is the ultimate constructivist learning activity! It’s also highly motivational and increasingly accessible from the classroom. 3D printing inspires problem solving and creativity and covers a range of ICT skills in the one activity.

This boot camp begins with students observing 3D printers in action along with practical advice about using them. In small groups they begin constructing creative solutions to 3D problems. Students learn to use 3D design computer applications. After working with a collection of fun logic puzzles groups will design and print their own 3D puzzle using simple and free 3D design software.

In this workshop, students will:

  • learn about 3D printing and examine a range of 3D printed objects
  • use 3D design software
  • design their own 3D logic puzzle
  • use a 3D printer to print their design to take away.

Keywords: Creative & Critical Thinking, STEM, STEAM, Coding, Engineering Design, Science & Maths K-10, Programming

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Contact us now to enquire about booking in your class.

Tuesdays, Wednesday & Thursdays during NSW school terms, subject to facilitator and room availability.

Our workshops are delivered at our Centre in Macquarie University, North Ryde, NSW.

We can take a maximum of 20 students per day.

Boot Camp excursions usually run from 9am-2:30pm. If you need to adjust this because of travel time please let us know.

Flat rate of $528 inclGST per class of up to 20 students.

DoE schools will be direct debited by the NSW DoE. Non-DoE schools will be invoiced after the event based on final student numbers.

Note: cancellations made within 2 days of the event will incur a $200 cancellation fee.


David Grover

David Grover

Developer and Facilitator

David has established a reputation for expertise in interactive digital education. He has been recognised in the award a National Excellence in Teaching Award, a Regional Award for Excellence in Secondary Teaching and in 2012 was awarded a NSW Premier’s research scholarship in New and Emerging Technologies around the globe. He held the position of Head Teacher of Computing at Chatswood High School for ten years, is the author of a number of texts and lead author of the current Pearson text for Information and Software Technology. David is has been a long time workshop presenter for ICTENSW, the professional body for teachers of computing in NSW and has been a senior marker for High School Certificate computing courses.

He has many years experience in the training of pre service teachers of IT/computing in a number of tertiary institutions. His work in multimedia has involved working alongside Adobe as a presenter at their International Conferences. His students’ digital works have been frequently awarded and selected for post HSC exhibition. Many of David’s students have enjoyed successful careers in animation, games design, robotics and other creative digital media fields.