Game Development with Unity Boot Camps

For Year 9 to Year 12 students

Ever wanted to learn how to use a professional game engine?

Unity 3D is a powerful, easy to learn game engine that is very flexible and well supported. Unity supports almost every platform and has a huge number of games made with it. Unity has a free version with loads of functionality allowing anyone to use it. Learning Unity is a great first step into learning how to use big game engines.

MacICT is now offering student boot camp excursions in the use of the Unity software. The course uses some pre-made assets so that we can quickly cover the basics and move on to the core of how to use Unity. In addition, once you have completed the course you will have online access to many parts of the content used during the workshop for you to continue learning.

We would expect the students to have some prior programming experience (any language).

In this hands-on workshop students will:

  • become familiar with the editor;
  • create game objects;
  • build levels;
  • tweak object’s behaviour;
  • be introduced to scripting in Unity with C#.

Keywords: Creative & Critical Thinking, STEM, STEAM, Coding, Engineering Design, Science & Maths K-10, Programming

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Contact us now to enquire about booking in your class.

Tuesdays, Wednesday & Thursdays during NSW school terms, subject to facilitator and room availability.

Our workshops are delivered at our Centre in Macquarie University, North Ryde, NSW.

We can take a maximum of 30 students per day.

Boot Camp excursions usually run from 9am-2:30pm. If you need to adjust this because of travel time please let us know.

Flat rate of $528 inclGST per class of up to 23 students. An extra $22 will be charged per additional student up to the max number per class.

DoE schools will be direct debited by the NSW DoE. Non-DoE schools will be invoiced after the event based on final student numbers.

Note: cancellations made within 2 days of the event will incur a $200 cancellation fee.


Peter Reeves

Peter Reeves


Peter Reeves has been teaching games design at Macquarie University for two years using Unity. He has a Bachelor in Information Technology and is currently doing a Masters of Research. He participated in the Global Game Jam 2014 where his team received an award for Technical Excellence. He has a great passion for computer graphics, games and programming.