Augmented Reality:
Sculpt and Show


Project Team

Cathie Howe
Dr Nerida McCredie


Research Question

Can we uncover the insights students’ have into the potential value of Augmented Reality for learning by casting them as e-Design Artists?



For the past few years, the NMC Horizon Report has discussed the potential of Augmented Reality (AR) for learning, but has noted there is a lack of school based examples of its use.

MacICT decided to conduct a small, innovative school based AR project during Term 4, 2012 to provide insight into its potential value for education. The project’s focus was upon the students; their values and interests, the nature of their learning experience and their appraisal of the transformative potential of AR.

Project Overview

The project involved a selection of students from a local High School coming to Macquarie University to learn about Augmented Reality and tour the Sculpture Park in the university grounds.

The students were invited to select a sculpture of their choice and then, using an Augmented Reality platform, Aurasma, design and create an aura that would be triggered by the sculpture.

The students involved in the project found that learning with Augmented Reality has the potential to provide:

  • Learning opportunities that are both individual and personal
  • Learning experiences that aren’t offered (or are readily available) in reality
  • Challenging and authentic design based learning tasks

View the AR experiences

To explore their work, please download the Aurasma App (free) for your smart phone or tablet. Once you have installed Aurasma, subscribe to our channel: Macquarie Uni Sculpture Park – students as e-design artists. We suggest you search by the term ‘e-design’ to quickly locate our channel.

Download these trigger images, launch Aurasma on your phone or table and you will be able to explore the auras these students designed.

Download Trigger Images

Project Report Website

View the project report website for all the details on this project and it’s outcomes.


Project Papers

Download the Project Report and other related papers.

Researching Connected Communities 21 Project

Sculpt and Show: students as e-design artists – Project Report (2012)

MacICT Project: Augmented Reality - Sculpt and Show
Authors: Cathie Howe, Dr Nerida McCredie

Download the paper (PDF 4.2mb)

Sculpt and Show Augmented Reality Project 2012: Students as e-Design Artists

Augmented Reality In Education – Cases, Places, And Potentials (2012)

Paper presented at the 63rd Annual Conference International Council for Educational Media (ICEM 2013) in Singapore and published in Educational Media International

MacICT Project: Sculpt and Show Augmented Reality
Authors: Dr Matt Bower, Cathie Howe, Dr Nerida McCredie, Austin Robinson, David Grover

Download the paper (PDF 1mb)

Project Team

Cathie Howe

Cathie Howe

Centre Manager

Cathie is a Professional Learning & Leadership Coordinator for the NSW Department of Education and manager of MacICT. As well as developing and delivering Professional Learning, Cathie is the creative and strategic leader of an expanding, collaborative team responsible for the design and quality of MacICT’s services. She oversees all course development and mentors many of the team members to ensure that MacICT continues to provide a consistently high level of service to schools, teachers and students.

Cathie manages, and is involved in the development of MacICT’s case studies and academic research projects. She is passionate about inspiring and empowering teachers to transform their practice by understanding what they have to teach (curriculum), how they are going to teach it (pedagogy), integrating digital tools in creative ways to enable meaningful learning to occur.

During her 20+ years both as a teacher and an executive in Primary Schools, Cathie has been recognised for her innovative practice, digital learning design and leadership.

Dr Nerida McCredie

Dr Nerida McCredie

Research Advisor

During her 13 years of classroom teaching, Dr Nerida McCredie has been recognised for her work in digital learning and awarded for her innovative classroom practice. Her doctoral thesis explored students’ insights into how they learn through design using technology.

Nerida now works as an educational adviser, trainer and keynote presenter. She is highly regarded for her dedication in working with students, teachers and principals to explore and create innovative ways to use technology for effective and lasting learning outcomes.