Food Brain – Case Study


Project Team

Concetta Gotlieb
Debbie Evans

Project Overview

This project attempts to provide an environment conducive to exploring the new information landscape that confronts students and to provide an opportunity for students to practice 21st century literacy skills. One of the challenges students face is the increasing use of data in a variety of ways in both print and web-based information. Information is increasingly aggregated in various ways from RSS feeds to data. Students must learn to interpret visual information in the form of game stats, web graphs, polls , complex infographics and even NAPLAN questions.

FoodBrain provides a toolkit for understanding and undertaking collaborative projects related to food and food systems. The project engages schools, teachers, students and community members in online communities to share their knowledge and understanding of the problems with food systems to plan action for change.

This ‘proof-of-concept’ iteration was an opportunity to explore schools’ first response to the idea and to allow for acreative development space for the centre to shape future iterations. In this proof-of-concept schools were asked to design their own ways of using data, collaboration, community, technology and immersion to feed an authentic ‘food sustainability’ project within their school.


Project Papers

Download the Project Report and other related papers.

Food Brain – Project Report (2011)

MacICT Project: Food Brain
Authors: Concetta Gotlieb, Debbie Evans

Download the Report (PDF 9mb)