Professional Learning (2011)


Project Team

Pam Kelly
Karen Blackwell
Concetta Gotlieb
Debbie Evans


MacICT aims to support DEC teachers and their students in the designing and implementing of innovative curriculum-based projects by providing relevant and effective professional learning opportunities. The Centre evaluates innovative applications of professional learning in education, focussing on supporting teachers to map their professional learning needs and acquire accreditation for all projects, workshops and training through face-to-face, online and video conferences provided by MacICT.

MacICT’s professional learning program is designed to affect change in pedagogical practices so that learning outcomes are achieved in a more effective, engaging and relevant way for students. 2011 continues the trend toward providing a more diverse professional learning program tailored to individual schools and teachers needs. It also marks the beginning of a more comprehensive approach with schools. To ensure that quality professional learning opportunities continue to
be provided for teachers it is essential that we continue to implement an enquiry-based approach to learning within the centre. This affords teachers the opportunity to pursue their own professional development whilst engaging students in real and meaningful learning over time, supported by MacICT staff and availability of resources.


Project Papers

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Professional Learning – Project Report (2011)

MacICT Project: Professional Learning 2011
Authors: Pam Kelly, Karen Blackwell, Concetta Gotlieb, Debbie Evans

Download the Report (PDF 3mb)