Robotics: Bee-Bots & Pro-Bots Project


Project Team

Sue Fennell
Debbie Evans

Project Overview

Today there is a range of robots including the Bee-Bot, Pro-Bot, Lego NXT and ED-E, the humanoid robot, available for use in the classroom to meet the varying needs of students K-12. The Robotics Project aims to facilitate the integration of robotics as a tool for learning into any classroom K-12 whilst providing professional learning opportunities for participating teachers in the areas of ICT, reflective learning practice and the development of collegial networks.

The Robotics Project is implemented within the classroom over one term. It provides, through the use of blogging and video conferencing, the opportunities for teachers to review, refine and share their classroom ideas and student work samples with colleagues using similar robots to themselves. Participating schools will be able to continue this project for as long as it is relevant to their needs.

Support is provided for all participants throughout the project by MacICT staff and the provision of associated professional learning courses. In-school support for teachers participating in the project and Centre visits by their students can also be negotiated as part of the implementation of the project.

Project Blog

View the two project blogs for all the details on this project and it’s outcomes.


Project Papers

Download the Project Report and other related papers.

Robotics: Bee-Bots & Pro-Bots – Report (2011)

MacICT Project: Robotics Project
Authors: Sue Fennell, Debbie Evans

Download the Report (PDF 10mb)

Lego NXT robots

The NXT robot is the most advanced and sophisticated of the robotic programs offered at the Macquarie ICT Innovations Centre. Helping students’ to grasp science, technology, engineering, and maths concepts within a curriculum context, the NXT robot offers a hands-on...

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The Pro-Bot is the ‘big brother’ of the Bee-Bot and allows more complex programming involving fully programmable distances, degrees of turn and use of sensors. It includes a simple pen mechanism and a standard felt tip pen that can be used to draw routes...

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The Bee-Bot is an exciting programmable floor robot for the beginner learner and serves as an effective way to introduce students to programming, cause and effect, directional control, estimation, problem solving and basic angles. It can be utilised in a variety of...

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