Transmedia Storytelling:
Weaving a StoryWorld Web


Project Team

Cathie Howe
Dr Nerida McCredie


Cromer Public School
St Ives Public School
North Sydney Public School
Willoughby Girls High School


Research Question

In what ways might transmedia storytelling allow teachers to re-imagine how they currently engage their class in an immersive literacy environment through the process of collaborative design?


What is transmedia?

Transmedia storytelling can be defined as ‘a multimodal, multimedia story with nonlinear, participatory elements. Resources connected to the story might include print materials; documents; maps; web-based clues; mobile apps; cell phone calls; social media connections; activities and games; and media such as audio, video, or animation. The main storyline may or may not reside in one location, such as a traditional book or website. The narrative may be told through a series of media.’ (Lamb, 2011)
The techniques of transmedia are already being widely used in advertising, movies and television, and it appears to be most worthwhile to explore the promise of Transmedia Storytelling as a tool for learning (Pence, 2011)

Project Plan

  1. Project Plans
  2. Proof of concept project: Liverpool Girls HS
  3. First iteration: three Year 3 classes
  4. Test framework we created for implementing transmedia storytelling
  5. Second iteration: Year 10 – incorporate social media
  6. Teacher Professional Learning Workshops and Student Boot Camp Excursions

Project Overview

In partnership with the Macquarie ICT Innovation Centre, three Year 3 teachers and one Year 10 teacher will develop and design a transmedia story with their students to share with the other project classes to investigate the question: In what ways might transmedia storytelling allow teachers to re-imagine how they currently engage their class in an immersive literacy environment through the process of collaborative design?

The project will examine the potential value of transmedia storytelling for literacy development by investigating the worth of the ‘Weaving a StoryWorld Web’ framework, a teaching and learning model developed by MacICT’s research advisor to support the design, development and creation of transmedia storyworld. The project will particularly focus on the professional learning of the teachers, examining if transmedia story telling is an engaging and effective way to meet the ICT elements in the Australian Curriculum: English.


Project Papers

Download the Project Report and other related papers.

Weaving a StoryWorld Web – Project Report (2015)

MacICT Project: Transmedia Storytelling: Weaving StoryWorld Web

Authors: Dr Nerida McCredie, Cathie Howe

Download the paper (PDF 5.9mb)

Project Report Website

View the project report website for all the details on this project and it’s outcomes. A PDF version of the report is also available below.

Framework For Weaving a StoryWorld Web

An approach to Transmedia Storytelling in the classroom.

The framework for ‘Weaving a StoryWorld Web’ is designed to assist teachers and students to engage in transmedia learning by designing an online multimodal storyworld created around a class novel or short story. It is a transmedia storytelling experience positioned within an educational context, requiring students to develop a deep understanding of the central story, gained through quality learning experiences design by teachers. This allows students to engage with the story by creatively designing texts of their own that connect with and expand the storyworld of the central story.

The StoryWorlds

Cromer Public School

Year 3

Mrs Frisby and the Rats of Nimh by Robert O’Brien

Willoughby Girls High School

Year 10 (Proof of Concept Case Study)

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

St Ives North Public School

Year 3

Storm Boy by Colin Thiele

North Sydney Public School

Year 3

The Composer is Dead by Lemony Snicket

Weaving a StoryWorld Web: Transmedia in Education

Presentation at the ClassTech Conference, Thursday 12th May, 2015

Project Team

Cathie Howe

Cathie Howe

Centre Manager

Cathie is a Professional Learning & Leadership Coordinator for the NSW Department of Education and manager of MacICT. As well as developing and delivering Professional Learning, Cathie is the creative and strategic leader of an expanding, collaborative team responsible for the design and quality of MacICT’s services. She oversees all course development and mentors many of the team members to ensure that MacICT continues to provide a consistently high level of service to schools, teachers and students.

Cathie manages, and is involved in the development of MacICT’s case studies and academic research projects. She is passionate about inspiring and empowering teachers to transform their practice by understanding what they have to teach (curriculum), how they are going to teach it (pedagogy), integrating digital tools in creative ways to enable meaningful learning to occur.

During her 20+ years both as a teacher and an executive in Primary Schools, Cathie has been recognised for her innovative practice, digital learning design and leadership.

Dr Nerida McCredie

Dr Nerida McCredie

Research Advisor

During her 13 years of classroom teaching, Dr Nerida McCredie has been recognised for her work in digital learning and awarded for her innovative classroom practice. Her doctoral thesis explored students’ insights into how they learn through design using technology.

Nerida now works as an educational adviser, trainer and keynote presenter. She is highly regarded for her dedication in working with students, teachers and principals to explore and create innovative ways to use technology for effective and lasting learning outcomes.