Here you will find MacICT’s papers, articles, publications and curated resources on a wide variety of ICT themes.


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What we're reading

Key readings and reports which MacICT uses in its development of services.

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STEM or STE(A)M learning is integrated throughout many of MacICT’s activities. Science, technology, engineering, arts and math resources can be found here to help you effectively integrate STE(A)M into your classroom.

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Coding is becoming an increasingly important skill for 21st century learners. Here you’ll find links, and resources to support your students in learning about code.

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Literacy is changing in this digital world. “Multimodal” text has always been a part of the English curriculum in NSW schools, but what is it? And why does it matter? Check out our resources, readings and other information to find out more.

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MacICT has been using robotics in its programs since its inception. Check out these great resources.

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Game Design

Game design provides a context for inquiry and discovery, leading students to become active problem solvers and to engage in their own learning. Discover how to leverage the strong motivation students have to play digital games by engaging them as designers of digital games.

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iPads have become a great tool in the classroom over the past few years. We have collated some research and information on their use teaching and learning.

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Papers and Publications

View all MacICT's research papers and other publications.

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