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iPads have become a great tool in the classroom over the past few years. We have collated some research and information on their use teaching and learning.

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MacICT Case Study


Many schools are considering introducing iPads into their classrooms. In Term 3, 2012, Macquarie ICT Innovation Centre (MacICT) conducted a small case study to explore how Year One students and teachers might make use of iPads in their classrooms.

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Other web resources


App recommendations

“Whether you have iPads, Chromebooks, Laptops, or other mobile devices, we have vetted apps to meet the learning objectives for your students.” Read more…

The Padagogy Wheel by Allan Carrington 

“Technology integration into the fabric of learning and teaching: is where we should be heading with all we do as teachers.  We need to ask ourselves are we using the technology to its best advantage to empower students to be all they can be or do we just use it because everyone’s doing it.” Read More….


iPad Apps to Support Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy assembled by Kathy Shrock

“This site will promote the use of the iPad to support sound pedagogical practices and provide professional development options for you. If you have items to share, please use the form in the the footer to let me know about them.” Read more…


Need help? Ask for ideas from real communities of teachers.

NSW DoE Yammer

NSW Department of Education has a Yammer network for its staff. You can join groups, post questions, find resources and get NSW DoE specific information on a range of topics. Check out the iPad Group and connect with your colleagues. You’ll find a link to Yammer on the NSW DoE Staff Portal. Read more…

iPad Ed Google+ Community

“This is a community for educators utilizing or planning to utilize iPads and other mobile devices to engage students and optimize learning. Share best practices, favorite apps, instructional strategies, technical considerations, questions, solutions, and creative ideas in this community.”  Read more…

MacICT workshops featuring iPads


Using digital media technologies to enhance learning and teaching
Participants will explore a variety of video capture, movie making and animation apps on iPads to create video clips, and create a short video using Design Thinking as a creative approach to problem solving.

Keywords: Creative & Critical Thinking, Design, Digital Literacy, Cross-Curricular.

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Coding in the Classroom

Using digital media technologies to enhance learning and teaching for K-6.
Coding is becoming an increasingly important skill for 21st century learners. By learning to code, students are also learning mathematical and computational thinking, strategies for problem solving, systematic reasoning, project design and how to effectively communicate their ideas.

Keywords: Primary, STEM, STEAM, Coding, Programming, Creative & Critical Thinking, Computational Thinking, Design, Digital Literacy, Cross-Curricular

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