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keywords: camera positioning view rotate

Setting a starting camera for your game

World cameras - Free Camera

World cameras - Fixed Camera

World cameras - Fixed Offset Camera

Zooming in and out

Rotating the camera

Controlling how your objects are viewed with Programmed Cameras

Moving the camera around your world


keywords: object wraith when score points bump explode pick up drop hold

When the Wraith bumps into an object, turn that object black

When scored 5 points win the game

When I bump into an object, pick up the object

When I bump into an object, explode that object

When I bump into an object, explode me

When I bump into an object, drop what I'm holding

Shooting blips of light to stun the Wraith

Programming your objects to shoot blips

Programming your character to pick up and throw other objects

Programming objects to float over or swim underneath water

Programming enemies When see a jet, shoot a missile at it

Programming an object to eat apples

Programming an object to move

Programming an object to heal the player

Programming an enemy to sound an alarm when the player is too close

Programming an enemy to move towards a target

Programming a torch for your character to hold


keywords: dialogue random sound

How to make your characters speak

Changing or editing existing dialogue

Using random dialogue to make realistic enemies

Showing dialogue in full screen

Sequential dialogue

Random dialogue

Music and sounds in Kodu


keywords: brush brushes map colour

Using different terrain brushes

Creating mountains

Smoothing the sides of your mountains

Using colours to map out your terrain

Resizing the Terrain Brush

How to build an active volcano

Playthrough - Volcanoes

Painting terrain

Making tall mountain peaks

Line brush

Creating Lava

Creating multiples pools with different colours

Lowering mountains

Changing Terrain Colour

How to create realistic plateaus and mesas

Flattening or levelling off your mountain

Creating realistic roughened terrain

Creating realistic backgrounds using smoothed terrain

Deleting terrain

Creating spikey terrain


keywords: descriptions controls start tile countdown

How to find the Kodu Tutorials

Opening a New, Empty World

How to access the programming menu

Kodu edit menu

Exporting Kodu Games

Introduction to timers

Changing your games settings

Deleting (or cutting) objects

Creating a new Fly Fish every second using Creatables

Changing the sky and lighting in your game

Defending your town with Towers of Light

Changing the size of your objects

Changing the height of your objects

Changing the colour of your objects

Dazing the Wraith

Dazing and Confusing the Wraith with Blips of Light

Turning off the World Descriptions


Transferring controls from one object to another

Creating Save Points for your player to respawn at

Creating a Capture-the-Flag game

Starting your game with a Title

Starting your game with a 3-second countdown

Starting your game with a Description and then a 3-second countdown

Saving your game and changing your game description through the Save Menu

Rotating objects

Adding an object to your world

Adding a time limit to your game

Programming the 'Winner' and 'Game Over' screens

Creating powerups in your game

Objects that you copy will keep their programming

Moving objects around your world

Moving kode around in the programming menu

Making Flares and Torches

Health bars and hit points

Making an object invulnerable

Magic brush

kodu play game example

kodu object tool, paste

kodu introduction to sploder tutorial 1

kodu final edit level of the game tutorial 2

How to make Mouse-Over text

Advanced random timers

How to make a Creatable object

Customising your objects using Change Settings

Creating teleporters in your game

Advanced programming Programming Behaviours

Advanced programming - Nested Kode


keywords: wall road slit

Introduction to Paths and Nodes in Kodu

Creating paths

Creating new nodes

Turning existing paths into walls and roads

Splitting paths

Creating flower, walls and roads using paths

Objects will still follow paths on roads, flowers and walls

Moving Nodes and adjusting Paths

Creating floating paths and bridges

Changing the colour of paths

Deleting paths

Adjusting the height of a path

Advanced paths Changing the direction of your paths

Advanced paths - 3D paths


keywords: score

Scoring points in your game

Advanced scoring Score Off

Advanced scoring - Score Quiet

Advanced scoring - Loud Score