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Literacy is changing in this digital world. “Multimodal” text has always been a part of the English curriculum in NSW schools, but what is it? And why does it matter? Check out our resources, readings and other information to find out more.


Academic readings

Confronting the Challenges of a Participatory Culture

A Whitepaper developed by Digital Media theorist, Henry Jenkins, and his research team, for the Macarthur Foundation, discussing the nature of participatory culture and its impact on education systems.

Multimodality as an Authorial Competency

A research paper that talks about the needs for writers to diversify their skill set to include multimodal writing skills so that they stay relevant to young readers who are reading in multimodal environments by MacICT’s Khyiah Angel.

A Neat Summary of Linguistics

Professor Raymond Hickey Professor is a professor in, and researches, English Linguistics, at the University of Duisburg and Essen, Germany, provides an accessible overview of the study of Linguistics.

21st Century Literacy

This is not a research paper per se, but still worth reading. It talks about the need to develop skills to effectively use the multiple media that makes up our high-tech reality.

Introducing Social Semiotics

Professor Theo van Leeuwen, from the Centre for Language and Communication Research at Cardiff University, UK, provides a ‘lively introduction to the ways in which different aspects of modern society combine to create meaning.’ This is a great starting starting point if you are new to social semitoics.

Multimodal Writing

This is a research paper about using archetypes and adaptation in primary school education for the purposes of multimodal literacy learning.   Read more…

Helping teachers to explore multimodal text

Two Australian Professors conducted research in Australian and New Zealand schools to identify six areas of professional learning of particular value for integrating multimodal texts into classroom practice.   Read more…
Sir Ken Robinson – Changing Education Paradigms