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MacICT has been using robotics in its programs since its inception. Check out these great resources.

Getting started

New Zealand - Ministry of Education

A fantastic repository of resources for teachers including advice on how to get started with robotics in the classroom, readings, guides and more. Read more…

Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy

“The Robotics Academy is committed to using the motivational effects of robotics to excite students about science and technology. We are an educational outreach of Carnegie Mellon University, and part of the university’s world-renowned Robotics Institute.” Read more…

Tufts Center for Engineering Education and Outreach

“The aim of this site is to inspire and support teachers to go beyond the basics in bringing LEGO-based engineering to all students. New to LEGO robotics? Let us help you Get started! Want an idea for a challenge to give your students? Look here for Inspiration.”  Read more…


Learning Links to the NSW K - 10 Syllabuses for the Australian Curriculum

MacICT has developed comprehensive documents detailing how robotics links to learning outcomes in the the syllabuses. You can download the documents below. There is one for Early Stage 1 to Stage 3, and one for Stages 4-5.

“Integrating robotics in education is a highly engaging medium, and when it is implemented using an imaginative, student centered pedagogical approach it can lay down foundations learning, innovation and change in 21st century classrooms.”

Cathie Howe
MacICT Centre Manager

My Robot is Better Than Your Robot

Science is rock and roll. Find out why geeks are the coolest people from, Justin Timberlake, Snoop Dogg, Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Bono, Steven Tyler, Jack Black, Josh Duhamel and more!


Need help? Ask for ideas from real communities of teachers.

NSW DoE Yammer

NSW Department of Education has a Yammer network for its staff. You can join groups, post questions, find resources and get NSW DoE specific information on a range of topics. Check out the Robotics Group and connect with your colleagues. You’ll find a link to Yammer on the NSW DoE Staff Portal. Read more…

LEGO Engineering Facebook Group

“This group is intended to inspire and support classroom teachers and anyone else interested in learning about and with LEGO-based engineering.”    Read more…

LEGO Mindstorms EV3 Google+ Community

A Google+ Community for sharing LEGO Ev3 projects. Not necessarily for education only, but a great resource to see what’s possible with this kit.  Read more…

Blog Posts

Read some of MacICT’s posts on robotics in the classroom

LEGO WeDo Robotics

Imagine a world where your LEGO creations can come alive! Teachers, imagine this happening in an engaging, collaborative, safe and easy to manage environment – even with students from Kindergarten to Year 3! Sounds too good to be true? Well, now you can with...

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PLEASE NOTE: MacICT was closed in 2016. This website remains as a record of the research conducted and courses run during its operation.